Performing a simple find/select in MongoDB from node.js

Here’s a quick tip for those of you interested in using MongoDB from a node.js application.  Here we provide an example of how to perform a “find” to retrieve documents from a MongoDB collection.  For those of you used to the SQL world, this would be equivalent to a SELECT.  The following code snippet retrieves all documents in the “users” collection which have a field “age” with a value greater than 30… or in simple terms, retrieve all users who are older than 30.

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NoSQL databases compared (informally)

When looking at databases, I’m a huge proponent of the fact that no database is “the best”.  When choosing a database to use, it’s all about your application and the database that is the “better” choice for your application today.  I say “today” because as your application evolves and the databases of the world evolve, the database you choose today might not be the optimal choice two years from now.  For this reason, I also believe you should build your application to be relatively easy to decouple from the database and use a different one instead.

Lets talk about my experiences when looking for a NoSQL database…

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